“Avoiding the truth defeats the purpose of speech as communication”

~ Chögyam Trungpa ~

Elden Ryu Vala

Creator @ Intuitive Ancestry


Bio etc.

My partner Ayla & I are the Founders of Intuitive Ancestry (IA for short). We are a multidimensional community of beings exploring what is possible when we come together and create at the intersection of intuition & ancestry. At the heart of this community is a commitment to healing & reclaiming the embodied wisdom that is our birthright.

Together, we are cultivating a regenerative ecosystem.

My personal interest & passion dwell in exploring what it means to align with the fundamental guiding powers of life.

This work is (re)visioning relationship to the experience & expression of the rising, ebbing & pooling of life's truth. It is remembering how to move, breathe, think, speak, consume, excrete & sense as a unified being. It is transformative & impacts all facets of life.

It is my honor & privilege to share experience through private counseling & group courses.


Private Counseling

I offer private counseling for individuals & couples. The aim of this work is to provide a space to discover, align with & transform through the patterns presenting within relationships to self, other & all. My focus is on supporting a goal oriented process of deepening awareness to the rising, ebbing & pooling of energy within the context of relating. Every container is unique in accordance with the individual needs present within it, common themes focused on include:

  • Visioning/Goal Setting
  • Affirmation practice(s)
  • Reflective practice(s)
  • Linguistic awareness practice(s)
  • Release practice(s)
  • Somatic awareness practice(s)
  • Conscious expression practice(s)

In these containers individuals & couples have the opportunity to (re)discover connection to all aspects of themselves at depth. From this space of rooting connection it is possible to revolutionize any & all relationships. The impact has the potential to support & inspire the transformation of: personal & professional relationships, career & lifestyle choices, general health & wellbeing, etc.

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Packages & Rates for Individuals


8 Weeks (8 sessions total)

$175/ 60 minute session (paid via autopay 24 hours before each session)

$1200 if paid up-front (saving of $200 for the full package)

If you have questions about either of these offerings please set up a free discovery call with the following link.

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Purchase Rooting: 8 weekly payments
Purchase Rooting: 1x/payment (save $200)

Packages & Rates for Couples

Rooting Together

8 weeks (16 sessions total)

  • 8 individual session (1x/ alternating weeks for each person)
  • 8 couples session scheduled 1x/week

$300/week subscription (paid via autopay each week)

$2000 if paid up front (savings of $400 for the full package)

If you have questions about either of these offerings please set up a free discovery call with the following link.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Purchase Rooting Together: 8 weekly payments
Purchase Rooting Together: 1x/payment (save $400)

What people are saying

"Experiencing Elden’s gift through The Reframe session was exactly what I needed. Going into the session I was holding on to a lot of emotions as I was facing big shifts in my relationships and career.

Right off the bat, Elden held a safe space for me to be seen, heard and held in all my phases of processing. He didn’t offer any answers or try to fix the situations I presented. He simply held space for me to channel and connect with my own answers and just breathe through it all. It was powerful in its simplicity and brevity.

What a special gift."

“We are so grateful to have found Elden. We are doing couples therapy and he has taken our relationship to a new level. His approach is unique and quite effective. We are looking at life in a new light..thank you Elden." 


"I’m grateful our paths intertwined. 

My theta healing journey was conducted online and this was my first ever experience. Immediately my somatic body was pulsing with energy that was palpable. The sensations were similar to waves washing over me, moving from legs up to my spine. Elden provided a safe nurturing space throughout the whole session. Through his guidance and leadership, I was able to release patterns that were no longer serving me. It was highly impactful, as these feeling were not in my conscious awareness. I’m grateful to have let go of what no longer served me, and feel lighter and more aligned as a result. The facilitating questions Elden asked were completely accurate, down to the exact wording.

I felt safe and held throughout the whole journey. Towards the end, I felt the somatic sensations of unconditional love wash over ever cell in my body, which is always a beautiful feeling. I highly recommend booking theta healing sessions with Elden. He is a powerful healer, and you will feel immediate tangible results, with restored peace and balance within." 


Bio etc.


 I reside on the un-ceded ancestral homeland of  the Ramaytush Ohlone people in what is currently called Half Moon Bay, California. 


I am a father, a lover, a student, a teacher. 

I've moved through pain. I've broken my body. I've torn my world apart.

I am remembering what it is to prosper & to heal. I am remembering what matters. I am remembering what it is to be human.

I've learned over the years that experience is my most potent teacher. It is experience that guides me. It is experience that I offer.


My work focuses on the intersection of mind, body & spirit. I consider it a privilege to support people in curating embodied liberation through (re)visioning relationship to self, other & all as a unified system.

I pull from 10+ years of experience in supporting others on personal journeys of transformation.

My education has traversed a wide swath of topics centered on human development/wellness with specific emphasis on the impact of belief systems, relationships, communication,  alignment & movement. I’ve received formal training in ThetaHealingโ“‡ (advanced certification 2008), holistic coaching (C.H.E.K. Institute HLC.2 certified 2019), exercise science (NASM CPT & PES 2012/2014), Tarot & Astrology (Ayla Rose 2020-2021).

My prayer for us

I invite us to witness ourselves.

to acknowledge all that we are.

to accept what we have always been.


 I invite us to bring awareness to the rising, ebbing & pooling of our energy.

to honor our cycles.


I invite us to collaborate.

to offer our unique gifts & perspective.

to nurture & be nurtured within community.


I invite us home.

to our depths.

to trust in our presence.